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12 November 2016 (amended: 12 November 2016)

More than any other level of government, Councils remain the grass roots connector between government and community with the Latrobe and Kentish Councils continuing to improve community outcomes through resource sharing initiatives.

“While the traditional expectation of rates, roads and rubbish remain, Councils, no matter what size, are being asked to do more but with less.  To meet ratepayer expectations and continuing cost shifting from State Government, Councils needs to be creative.  The Latrobe and Kentish Councils have been proactive in this space, having resource shared staff, procurement, plant and equipment in some form since 2010,” said Mayor Peter Freshney of Latrobe Council.

Correspondence from Minister Gutwein in November 2015 invited all Councils throughout Tasmania to consider either voluntary amalgamation or strategic resource sharing arrangements to better serve their communities in a financially responsible manner.

“The Latrobe and Kentish Councils engaged the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) (now the University of Technology Sydney Centre for Local Government ) to conduct an independent review of the success or otherwise of our existing resource sharing arrangements,” said Mayor Don Thwaites of Kentish Council.

Learnings identified in the review are that trust and equity between the Latrobe and Kentish Councils have been key factors in the success of its resource sharing arrangement which have also allowed the councils to maintain local representation” said Centre Director, Associate Professor Roberta Ryan.

“Both Councils have seen improved levels of service quality, economies of scope and scale and increased organisational development and strategic capacity through resource sharing.

This is quantifiable with conservative data analysis revealing $326,544 savings in the 2014/15 financial year and $594,241 in the 2015/16 financial year,” said Mayor Thwaites.

The Latrobe and Kentish Councils are keen to continue to grow, enhance and refine their resource sharing arrangements.

“By being fiscally responsible and responsive to current and future challenges as we further refine our resource sharing arrangement, we are laying a solid foundation to ensure that resource sharing continues to benefit ratepayers while retaining local and accessible representation,” added Mayor Freshney.

The draft UTS:CLG report will be tabled at the Latrobe Council meeting on Monday, 14 November and the Kentish Council on Tuesday, 15 November for Councillor’s consideration and adoption of the recommendations (refer to reports below).


Resource Sharing High Level Summary(373 kb)

Review of Resource Sharing Arrangements between the Latrobe and Kentish Councils(1981 kb)

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