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Port Sorell Old Landfill Rehabilitation Update

The rehabilitation project at the Port Sorell old landfill has progressed well during summer.  Drill rigs were used to install monitoring bores around the site at the corner of Hawk Hill Rd and Alexander St, Shearwater. These bores are being used to monitor the groundwater, landfill gas and leachate. Results of this sampling will provide the environmental scientists with detailed information so that they can refine the rehabilitation plan.

Landfill gases are produced when bacteria break down organic waste.  The most common landfill gases are methane and carbon dioxide.  The old Port Sorell landfill was once used to dispose of household garbage, onion waste and pulp mill waste among other organic materials and therefore landfill gas is being investigated as a key part of the rehabilitation project.

Landfill gases have been detected at various locations within the old landfill site at concentrations expected from an old landfill. In some locations, such as near the corner of Hawk Hill Road and Alexander Streets additional monitoring bores are being installed to better understand how landfill gas is moving through this area.

Landfill gas was found in elevated concentrations at two locations on Club Drive prompting additional works around this area, including installation of additional monitoring bores, additional screening of bores and service utilities, and tests inside some adjacent properties to ensure the safety of residents, workers and the environment.

It is possible that the rehabilitation works will cause temporary increases in contaminant levels as buried materials are disturbed.  The monitoring bores allow changes in the groundwater and landfill gas pathways to be detected and measured.

As a precaution, portable carbon monoxide alarms are being installed in the Waste Transfer Station office, Lion’s Tip Shop and Council Depot buildings and ventilation of these buildings (via open windows and/or doors) is encouraged when they are occupied.  The Dial Before You Dig database is also being updated in the coming weeks with relevant local precautions (https://www.1100.com.au/)


  • No smoking, naked flames or other ignition sources are permitted within the boundary of the old landfill site, including in the Waste Transfer Station, Council Depot and Tip Shop buildings.
  • Maintain good ventilation of any Waste Transfer Station, Tip Shop and Council Depot buildings and storage spaces on the site by leaving the windows and/or doors open when occupied.
  • A Work in the Road Reserve Permit is required from Council for any earthworks or construction in road reserves around the old landfill site.
  • Only access the Waste Transfer Station during opening hours and by the main entry on Hawk Hill Road.

An information sheet on methane and other landfill gases is available here.

A map of current monitor bore locations is available here.

Upcoming rehabilitation actions may include digging trenches at the edge of the old landfill to allow the safe venting of landfill gases and the diversion of leachate from waterways via pipe systems.  All actions are based on expert advice from the landfill engineers, environmental scientists, EPA Tasmania and the Tasmanian Department of Health.

The Council appreciates the community’s understanding and cooperation with the instructions displayed around the site and any advice provided by staff when using the Waste Transfer Station.

If you have any questions regarding the old landfill rehabilitation project, please call Council on 6426 4444.

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