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Latrobe’s Tree Committee is preparing a register of significant trees in our community.

Latrobe’s Tree Committee is preparing a register of significant trees in our community.

Significant trees may be remnants of the bush, plantings by the early settlers, commemorative plantings dedicated to important people, or marking significant events in history.  Many of the early plantings have reached a considerable size and outstanding form, and some are now rare in cultivation.

Trees can be significant for a number of reasons, including scientific, social, historic or aesthetic characteristics of significance.

The best way to pursue recognition for a significant tree in Australia is to make a nomination to the National Trust for inclusion in the National Register of Significant Trees. 

It should be noted that inclusion of trees on the Trust’s Register does not impose any legal restrictions or obligations on the owners or responsible authorities, nor does it provide significant trees with protection through any statutory mechanism.  Protection for trees included on the Register of Significant Trees can only be achieved through local government planning controls, i.e. by listing them under the Local Heritage Code in Council’s planning scheme, along with appropriate controls.

Tree protection controls usually include measures such as restrictions in regard to the lopping or removal of the tree itself and assessment of development in close proximity to the tree that may have the potential to impact the health of that tree, e.g. interfering with the root system.

New trees may be nominated by any individual or group.  Latrobe’s Tree Committee is seeking nominations for suitable trees. 

Data to satisfy the assessment process includes:

  • species identification, if possible
  • tree height
  • tree canopy spread
  • tree trunk circumference
  • tree age estimate
  • photos:
    • whole tree,
    • bark,
    • foliage,
    • nuts/fruits/flowers if any
    • location details
    • any historical information about the tree, if known.

A sample nomination form can be sourced from Council or from the National Trust website at https://trusttrees.org.au/nominate

If you have any suggestions please contact Sally Stubbs on 6426 4444 or via email council@latrobe.tas.gov.au.

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